PyWxDump-PC WeChat database reading and decryption script, chat record viewing tool.


PyWxDump is a tool for obtaining account information (nickname/account/phone/email/database key/wxid), decrypting PC WeChat databases, viewing chat records, and exporting chat records as HTML (including voice and image). It supports obtaining information for multiple accounts, supports all WeChat versions (and will soon support WeChat Work), supports individual chat record analysis, word cloud generation, and annual visualization report generation, etc.

PyWxDump Function Introduction#

(1) Obtain WeChat nickname, WeChat account, WeChat phone number, WeChat email, WeChat KEY base address offset
(2) Obtain WeChat's WeChat nickname, WeChat account, WeChat phone number, WeChat email, WeChat KEY, WeChat original ID (wxid_******)
(3) Obtain WeChat folder path
(4) Support viewing chat records
(5) Decrypt WeChat database based on key
(6) Provide explanations for some fields in the database
(7) Support WeChat multi-account scenarios, obtain information for multiple users, etc.
(8) WeChat needs to be logged in to obtain the database key
(9) Support exporting chat records as HTML, backing up WeChat chat records for easy viewing
(10) Merge multiple databases for easy viewing

WeChat Database Reading and Decryption Usage Method#

1. Installation#

Download the exe file in the release (accelerated mirror in China)

2. Usage#

  • 1. Open WeChat for Windows and log in to WeChat
  • 2. Go to the directory where the downloaded exe file is located
  • 3. Hold down the Shift key and right-click the mouse, select "Open command window here" or "Open PowerShell window here"
  • 4. Enter ./wxdump.exe in the command window and press Enter
  • 5. Then enter the parameters as prompted and press Enter, e.g.:
  • 6. Press ctrl+c to exit after viewing the chat records

WeChat Database Reading and Decryption Script Chat Record Viewing Tool#

Download link: China mirror


Detailed instructions:

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