Adobe Photoshop 2023 v24.6.0 Green Simplified Version

Adobe Photoshop (abbreviated as PS) is the most popular image processing software in the world, well-known for its large-scale professional software for image and photo post-processing. Adobe® Photoshop is a popular product in Adobe Creative Cloud, a creative cloud that provides image processing and editing software. Photoshop is the industry standard for digital image processing, providing a wide range of professional retouching toolkits and powerful editing functions designed to inspire creativity.

Adobe Photoshop 2023 v24.6.0 Green Lite Edition

Software Description:
√ No activation or installation required, supports AI network neural filters for login
√ Moderately streamlined, removes all non-Simplified Chinese languages
√ This green portable version supports running on early versions of Windows 10
√ Includes CG runtime library (NVIDIA Runtime Library) compilation module for driverless hardware acceleration
√ Includes third-party enhancement tool (WebP v0.5b9 Chinese version), supports opening and exporting WebP format
√ Includes third-party enhancement tool (ICOFormat v2.1f1), supports opening and exporting ICO/CUR format
√ Retains all extension functions, enhancement tools, filters, and supports all open, new, and export file types
√ No additional unnecessary Adobe Creative Cloud components (upgrades, libraries, cloud synchronization), no related program resident processes when exiting
√ Removes Adobe Stock, Creative Cloud Libraries (which will call the library panel of the Creative Cloud program)
√ Removes components Deep_Font (non-essential fonts), PDFL (PDF fonts), PDFL (PDF preset files)
√ Removes components Linguistics (related to spell check), Adobe Spaces (learning panel tutorial demonstration components)
√ Removes component DynamicLinkMediaServer (video import and output support component)
√ Removes component Adobe Media Encoder (component for transcoding video import)
√ Removes multilingual resources, error feedback, log transmission (will secretly upload resident processes)
√ Provides AdobeCameraRaw-15.2.0-enhancement tool full version without installation
√ Provides the latest AI neural network filter offline component for January 2023


What does "Adobe Photoshop END OF WORK" mean when the portable version is closed?#

This is a confirmation prompt from the portable launcher to prevent residual data from not being cleaned up after the user closes the software.
After confirming, the process will not destroy system data, automatically clean up temporary data, and copy it to the data directory for loading.

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